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Heather Taupe Snuggle Cocoon


The Snuggle Cocoon is one of our favorite things about fall. (Though lets be honest, we wear them year round.) 

This slouchy sweater has an open front and dolman style sleeves that taper to a fitted cuff. 

80% Polyester/15% Rayon/5% Spandex

Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry. 

Evergreen Snuggle Cocoon photo shown for fit example.

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Amelia is the shop's eponymous in-house line of clothing inspired by special objects and the memories they evoke. Amelia’s simple, feminine, and classically inspired clothes are the uniform of evenings on front porches sipping sweet tea and cocktails, riding bicycles down quiet roads, snacking on homemade pies, having new adventures, and reveling in favorite stories.