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New Lander Turquoise Ring


Handmade sterling silver ring with a bezel set and framed New Lander Turquoise stone. Hammered rose gold fill band. Size 8.

New Lander Turquoise is mined near Lander, Nevada and is a form of Chalcosiderite and Variscite. This stone has a beautiful, almost moss -like pattern ranging from deep blue black to pale lichen green. 


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Obelisk is about symbols real and imagined, shared and private. Her choice of stones, sterling settings, and use of shapes feels both modern, ancient, and a little arcane.

Wearable objects become personal talismans for the wearer. Each piece is created with quality craftsmanship, intended to be worn and treasured over time. 

Obelisk is dreamed, designed, and handmade by Marla Zyla in Portland, Oregon.