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Tortoiseshell Kiki Hoops


Large yet lightweight, these hoops resemble tortoiseshell but are made with cellulose acetate - no animals harmed!

2 3/16” dia x 5/32” thick . Cellulose acetate with hypoallergenic, stainless steel posts.

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Additional Info

OKAYBRAND is a Los Angeles jewelry and small object design studio created by Oksana Bevz.

Okay aims to utilize new materials and techniques to invent new design languages within the jewelry industry.

The process behind this material may surprise you - cotton is the raw material! The cotton fiber is chemically processed to produce a powder, which is dissolved in acetic acid with dye and plasticizer. High pressure and temperature result in a solid block that can be cut into thinner slices and then carved into the desired form.

They strive to make beautiful and affordable products they can be proud of.