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Black on White Abstract Geometric Shapeshifter Dress


The Shapeshifter dress is a versatile shift with long ties that can be worn in so many ways!

Pull the ties toward the front and wrap around to tie for a gather, bloused look. Pull the ties to the back and tie for a sleeker silhouette with gathers in the back. Pull the straps up over your shoulders and through the loops made by the ties to create a relaxed fit with a harness detail - leave the tie untied for a more billowy shape or tie them loosely to bring in the waist just a bit. Experiment! How many ways can you tie it? This dress shifts with you and fits whatever size you are….that day!

95% cotton, 5% lycra. Wash cold, hang or flat to dry.

One size. We’ve seen an incredibly wide range of sizes and body types wear this dress and look awesome! Approximately 44 inches long. Bust and hip circumference are both 52 inches.

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Additional Info

Erin MacLeod is a Portland artist and designer and has been making beautiful things for bodies to feel good wearing for quite some time.