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Tourmalinated Quartz Points


Tourmalinated quartz contains spears of black tourmaline inside the quartz crystal itself. Also known as tourmalated quartz, this stone is said to combine the properties of both the minerals present. 

Black tourmaline is said to block or repel negative energy while grounding oneself to release your own negativity, worries, or stress. 

Clear quartz is a stone said to amplify intentions and properties of other crystals while aiding in manifestation and healing. 

These crystals are unique and the tourmaline patterns vary between stones. Please be sure to double check your selection when ordering!

A: 2 inches tall. 30.4 grams.

B: 2 inches tall. 28.1 grams.

C: 2 inches tall. 23.2 grams.

D: 1.75 inches tall. 21.8 grams.

E: 1.75 inches tall. 19.5 grams.

F: 1.75 inches tall. 17.3 grams. 

G: 1.5 inches tall. 15.7 grams. 

H: 1.75 inches tall. 12.6 grams. 

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