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Orange & Pink Flora Crystal


Magical floral crystals filled with vibrant flowers and hand-foraged moss and lichen from the Pacific Northwest.

Every crystal is hand-cast from an actual quartz crystal point and filled with wild collected botanicals - the coloration and shape of the specimen inside is unique to each crystal. 

Please note that some bubbles or textured areas may occur in the crystals due to the casting process and the natural shape from the actual crystal shape they came from. 

1.25" x 1.25" x 1"

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Additional Info

Kayla Burke grew up foraging through the woods in Missouri, using nature as her canvas for self expression and art. She is now based in Portland, OR where nature continues to be an inspiration for her designs. The natural materials she uses are hand foraged and found while adventuring through the Pacific Northwest. Kayla has a diverse background in Interior Design, Architectural Lighting Design and Product Development.