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Large Black Septarian Geode Sphere


Septarian is a combination of yellow calcite, brown aragonite, grey limestone and often white or clear barite. People sometimes call Septarian dragons eggs...for obvious reasons. 

This striking and very large Septarian Geode is polished smooth into a sphere with an open front revealing a sea of sparkling, dark brown druzy crystals on the other. This is round except for the open front and will require a stand if you want it to stand up rather than recline on its back.

Approximately 5 inches in diameter. This is very heavy - 20 to 25 pounds (our postage scale does not go high enough to get exact.) In store pick up recommended. If you would like this shipped please select the second option to include shipping cost. This item is not eligible for the “over $50 free shipping” deal. If shipping is less than $45 we will refund you the difference.

These minerals began forming 50-70 million years ago. Periodic volcanic eruptions caused small sea life to perish and sink to the sea floor. Sea floor sediments accumulated around the remains of the sea life and formed nodules (aka mud balls.) When these ancestral oceans receded, the mud dried out and began to change and crack into the beautiful patterns you see today. Over the eons, calcite crystals grew to fill the cracks,  bentonite clay around the calcite transformed into dark brown aragonite crystals.

Metaphysically, Septarian is said to increase tolerance, patience, and emotional flexibility while grounding and supporting connection to mind, body, and spirit. Septarian may be good for supporting communication in groups, supporting privacy and setting boundaries.


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