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Botryoidal Prehnite with Epidote


This natural combination of epidote and prehnite shows off the contrast in their forms! Light green prehnite spheres (also known as botryoidal) with small clusters of deep green epidote nestled around them.

Epidote is known as an attraction stone and can enhance the energy of its’ surroundings and the intentions put into it. As an attraction stone, epidote may bring in more of the type of energy emanating around it. (A sort of “reap what you sow” situation.) Good for reflecting on the inner self, releasing old patterns and negativity, and getting stagnant energy moving.

Prehnite is known as a stone of unconditional love and environmental harmony. It may be helpful for preparedness and visualization, encouraging a state of calm, and aligning inner feelings with actions.

Approximately 1.5 across

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