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Sea Opal Crystal Candle -Meditation


Scent: Rainy Day

A Crisp Clean + Fresh scent infused with Lemon, Tuberose + Grapefruit.
Sea Opal is the stone of Meditation. Burn your candle to retrieve your crystal and promote a calm + centered mind for prayer + meditation. Carry your Sea Opal Crystal in your purse, place in your garden, or display on a special shelf to help to ease your stress and connect with your spirit.

4 oz or 8 oz Jar
Silver Lid
25hr Burn Time
100% American Farmed Soy wax
Natural Essential + Fragrance oil blend

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Additional Info

JaxKelly has been making crystal candles and unique stone jewelry for years. Her belief in small communities and support has only increased since she began her line. A portion of all profits are reinvested in her community. Made by hand with conscientious materials, you can always feel good about bringing JaxKelly into your life.