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Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit


MERCURY RETROGRADE: Ease the negative effects of a Mercury Retrograde and harness its intrinsic power for use in your life.

Contents in matchbox (2.25" x 1.5"):

Ritual Kits provide objects and exercises to perform thematic rituals. Each kit contains an illustration from the Tarot, an intention-setting exercise and/or chart, alchemical symbol illustrations, candle(s), and a gemstone amulet and/or loose stones placed inside a matchbox. All content is specific to the particular kit’s symbolism (in color, meaning, etc.). 


This ritual can be performed at any point during a Mercury Retrograde but is best conducted at regular intervals throughout the period. It is a time for focus on conscious work, so even engaging nightly, if possible, with some part of these steps will further your progress.

Included :

Blue Lace Agate: A stone for communication, easing the difficulty in articulating our thoughts and expressing needs without becoming overly emotional. Releases past patterns, fears, and blockages, allowing us to move forward, refreshed and healthier.

Opal: Soothes the emotions, boosting optimism and insight through this uncomfortable but important period. Provides protection for deep inner work, bringing our true qualities, thoughts, and buried emotions to the surface for examination.. Aids in recognition of important lessons from the past as well as the dismantling of past content that is no longer relevant. Protection from others and negative emotions during Retrograde travel.

Hematite: A grounding stone to offset the uprooting feeling of the Retrograde period. Decreases negativity. Balances the body with the mind and spirit for smoother travel through the splintering forces of the retrograde, transforming it into an opportunity for personal growth.

Additional Symbolism

Blue candles are considered helpful when your goal is calm communication. White candle are used for purification and cleansing.

In alchemy, mercury and the element of air ease communication, and the element of earth is considered a grounding influ-


CAUTION: This Ritual Kit is not a toy. It is a tool for personal enrichment or for entertainment purposes. Risk of fire - do not leave unattended when in use. Choking hazard: Contains small pieces.

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Additional Info

The Dark Exact offers artfully designed, hand-crafted products for the home and body with a metaphysical flair. All products come with suggestions for how they may also be used to perform personal rituals for clients seeking deeper self-awareness, or to simply feel more present in daily life. At The Dark Exact, we believe that crafting a beautiful home and taking time to adorn the body leads to a more peaceful, grounded existence. We also believe in the power of ritual to set intention and change lives from within.