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Love Ritual Kit


LOVE: Increase the love in your life by increasing your ability to give and receive more openly. This ritual can be performed at any time, but to focus on bringing a new love, it is best performed on the night of a new moon or while the moon is waxing.

Contents in matchbox (2.25" x 1.5"):

Peridot:  Opens, cleanses, and activates the heart & solar plexus chakras  Clears guilt and obsessions, allowing for the release of past events that hold us back  Opens the mind to new levels of awareness and self-guidance

Rose Quartz:  A stone of feminine energy of compassion, tenderness, nourishment, and comfort  Heals emotional wounds and resentments and calms fears, reawakening the heart to love  Encourages a sense of personal fulfillment, making it possible for us to truly give and receive love

Additional Symbolism  Pink candles are often burned to focus on love and devotion in relationships.  In tarot, the Ace of Cups indicates a time of love and abundance, as well as harmony within the self.  The element of water is connected to the emotional realm. 

Ritual Kits provide objects and exercises to perform thematic rituals. Each kit contains an illustration from the Tarot, an intention-setting exercise and/or chart, alchemical symbol illustrations, candle(s), and a gemstone amulet and/or loose stones placed inside a matchbox. All content is specific to the particular kit’s symbolism (in color, meaning, etc.). 


CAUTION: This Ritual Kit is not a toy. It is a tool for personal enrichment or for entertainment purposes. Risk of fire - do not leave unattended when in use. Choking hazard: Contains small pieces.

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Love copy.jpg

Additional Info

The Dark Exact offers artfully designed, hand-crafted products for the home and body with a metaphysical flair. All products come with suggestions for how they may also be used to perform personal rituals for clients seeking deeper self-awareness, or to simply feel more present in daily life. At The Dark Exact, we believe that crafting a beautiful home and taking time to adorn the body leads to a more peaceful, grounded existence. We also believe in the power of ritual to set intention and change lives from within.