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Dreaming Ritual Kit


DREAMING: Enhance your dream recall and explore the hidden content within your dreams.

Contents in matchbox (2.25" x 1.5"):

Amethyst:  A stone of psychic and spiritual force to enhance intuition  Connects the earth plane with other planes, so can be used for lucid dreaming  Also protects against psychic attacks, especially during dream work

Moonstone:  Stimulates psychic perception and protected dream work  Brings the hidden internal world into awareness through inward travel Additional Symbolism  Yellow candles are said to enhance mental clarity.  In the Tarot, The Moon is a card of dreams and the unconscious mind. It can also indicate a time of illusions in one’s life, and the need to travel inward, locating repressed concerns and processing them in the light of day.  In alchemy, the element arsenic is symbolic of trance states and enlightened vision. 

Ritual Kits provide objects and exercises to perform thematic rituals. Each kit contains an illustration from the Tarot, an intention-setting exercise and/or chart, alchemical symbol illustrations, candle(s), and a gemstone amulet and/or loose stones placed inside a matchbox. All content is specific to the particular kit’s symbolism (in color, meaning, etc.). 


CAUTION: This Ritual Kit is not a toy. It is a tool for personal enrichment or for entertainment purposes. Risk of fire - do not leave unattended when in use. Choking hazard: Contains small pieces.

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Additional Info

The Dark Exact offers artfully designed, hand-crafted products for the home and body with a metaphysical flair. All products come with suggestions for how they may also be used to perform personal rituals for clients seeking deeper self-awareness, or to simply feel more present in daily life. At The Dark Exact, we believe that crafting a beautiful home and taking time to adorn the body leads to a more peaceful, grounded existence. We also believe in the power of ritual to set intention and change lives from within.