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Dalmation Jasper Crystal Candle - Balancing

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Dalmatian Jasper is known for its "balancing properties" initially appealing to the child within each of us, this stone also encourages one to think, plan, enhance friendships, and strengthen family bonds. You basically can't go wrong with this crystal on your side, or in your pocket, purse or wherever you choose to store it.  

Scent: The perfect balance of sun ripened Mediterranean berries

4oz or 8oz Jar
Silver Lid
100% American Farmed Soy wax
Natural Essential + Fragrance oil blend

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Additional Info

JaxKelly has been making crystal candles and unique stone jewelry for years. Her belief in small communities and support has only increased since she began her line. A portion of all profits are reinvested in her community. Made by hand with conscientious materials, you can always feel good about bringing JaxKelly into your life.