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Caramel Macchiato : Black Label

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Steamed Milk and Dark Roast Espresso are the main notes of this memorable fragrance. Buttery caramel syrup and marshmallow cream provide the depth of sweetness to complete the experience. Rich and sweet without being overbearing.

Hand crafted. 9oz. candle with cotton braided wick. 100% American grown, natural, die-free creamy soy wax. 

Burn time up to 50 hours.

Label on glass is removable for reuse.

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Additional Info

Olympic Candle was founded in 2016 in Seattle, Washington by Hou Ong (pronounced "How") and Jerry Kavalieratos (don't bother trying to pronounce his last name).  Our name was inspired by the Olympic Mountains visible just across Puget Sound from Seattle on clear days. Our mission is to provide the best hand-crafted soy-based candles and home fragrance products on the market.  Our goal isn't to crank out mass-market candles but to develop special products that will surprise and delight time and again and have fun doing it.