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Ingenue Lipstick


Good-girl cherry red sheer. Just the thing to swipe on on a summer day, or for a vibrant wash of red whenever you need a pick-me-up. Swipe it on and get on with your fabulous life. Lightly vanilla scented.


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Located in a vintage laboratory in the heart of Minneapolis, The Elixery is an artisan cosmetic house dedicated to old-fashioned craftsmanship. Their model is simple, but rare: Science from Scratch! The Elixery formulates original products, develops their own colors, and compound products from scratch right in their own  laboratory using only the finest ingredients to ensure the raw materials are safe, ethical, and free of animal testing

"We believe in the simplicity of beauty, the elegance of science, and the dignity of all people. We believe in gender equity and critical thinking--and we believe that smart is sexy."