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Imitation Cherry Lipstick


Portland Black Lipstick Co is renowned for making incredibly pigmented, long wearing lipsticks with all natural ingredients in a wide range of colors. 

Imitation Cherry is bright and vivid like the juice of a cherries squeezed tight in a fist. 

"Our ingredients are all-natural. Of course, the word ‘natural’ has no legal or scientific definition in the world of cosmetics, so every natural cosmetic company sets its own parameters. For us, ‘natural’ means using plant-based oils and waxes, lanolin, and beeswax, mineral pigments and/or carmine for color, and distilled essential oils for fragrance." 

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ImitationCherryUpdatedTube (1).jpg

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While her chief preoccupation is providing the community with excellent quality black lipstick, Kim also makes a range of other colors with the same natural formula and long wearing, richly pigmented colors that have made her lipsticks a must have item for everyone who tries them.