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Slips: The Most Important Part of Getting Dressed That You Probably Forgot

If you, or your mother, grew up in the South you are probably familiar with slips. If not, you might imagine them as the plain, off white nylon layer that overly modest older women insist on wearing. Maybe you saw them hung on your grandma's clothes line - a strange nylon flag waving in the wind. Maybe you associate them with 40's pinups or their revival in the 90's as outer wear by girls with unkempt hair and heavy boots. But a slip is so much more...

My own mother, a native Texan, was always after me to wear a slip with my dresses and skirts. I fought it for years, wearing them only when really pressed to, and really only to make her happy. I have since seen the folly of my stubborn, contrary teenage self. Sure, you would wear a slip with a sheer or light weight dress, but there are other very important reasons to wear one. 

Photo courtesy of Sarah Bibb - the designer who makes these killer slips!

Photo courtesy of Sarah Bibb - the designer who makes these killer slips!

Number one: A good, well fitting slip will make all your clothes look better.

That slippery fabric layer lets your dresses hang smoother and move with you, rather than clinging and bunching. Have a figure-hugging dress that also hugs around your belly button and the curves you'd rather not highlight? Put on a slip. Worried about visible panty or bra lines? Put on a slip. Contrary to what you might think, adding this extra layer will actually make your clothing more flattering. It's called a foundation garment for a reason!

Number two: Tights, stockings, leggings.

If you want to wear dresses year round, at some point you'll need to wear something on your legs to keep out the cold. I'm sure we've all gotten dresses, walked confidently out into the world, and discovered that with every step your tights are encouraging your skirt to get clingy and ride up. A slip lets your skirt glide over the tights without getting caught up. No amount of Static Guard can fix this problem like a slip can. 

Number three: Layering is the name of the game.

Want to bring up the neckline on a low cut dress? A slip is a feminine, stylish way to solve the problem. A little lace in a coordinating color can add that extra oomph to your outfit and that extra inch over your décolletage. Wearing a wrap dress? A slip can add the confidence that a sudden gust of wind or inopportune movement won't result in your skivvies being on display. 

Despite my young reluctance to adopt the slip, now days I am rarely caught without one. I feel under dressed without a slip. No matter what I'm wearing my slip is my sleek, sexy under layer that has come to feel like a second skin. 

As Sarah Bibb, designer of our favorite slips the Ava and Erin, always says "A good slip can change your life!"

Photo courtesy of Sarah Bibb

Photo courtesy of Sarah Bibb