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Designer Spotlight: Floss Gloss

Today's Designer Spotlight is on the masterminds behind Floss Gloss Pro Nail Lacquer. Aretha Sack and Janine Lee founded Floss Gloss (for nails that flossed and glossed like a boss!) in 2009. You've undoubtedly seen their eye catching colors on digits around town, but let's learn more about the lady bosses behind the polish. 

Photo by Jenny Hannah Roche

Photo by Jenny Hannah Roche

How did you come to be a designer/maker? 

Aretha: I came out making things.

Janine:  I always wanted to create.  And change or alter things- make it better- be better.

Janine and Aretha,   © Floss Gloss Ltd 

Janine and Aretha,  © Floss Gloss Ltd 

Where do you find inspiration? Do you have a method or process of finding inspiration?

Aretha: Good times, bad times, music a lot.  No method it sure would be nice if I did.

Janine: I find inspiration in pop culture, history, music, art, photographs, like everything basically.  As far as sourcing or my method: lots of music and the internet is just a mecca of imagery.

What's your favorite thing you've created so far? 

Aretha: Floss Gloss!  And within that I'd say Pony and Blood Suede and Tears colors and their photoshoots.

Janine: #1 Floss Gloss Ltd! Ultimate job and creative outlet!

Blood, Suede, and Tears Look Book by Janine and Aretha,   © Floss Gloss Ltd   

Blood, Suede, and Tears Look Book by Janine and Aretha,  © Floss Gloss Ltd  

Do you have any plans for where your line is going in the future? Any special projects in the works?

Aretha: Tons of projects in the works I'm really excited about, we definitely plan to expand our color range and maybe some other surprises!

Janine: OMG! Tons of new stuff in the works for 2015 - very exciting.  We have some amazing collabs coming up. 

What are your other passions or projects in life?

Aretha: All i really care about is music, swimming and color.  I have a thing for rap and a crappy soundcloud but I'm not serious about that.  Had a girlband with Erika Osterhaut back when I lived in Oakland but I moved and no longer have access to free drums so that fell apart.

Janine: I love to cook!  Especially bake- cakes, cookies and pies.  Life projects include so many things.  I literally want to do everything while I'm alive.

All the Fixin's Collection: Biscuits. Lookbook by Janine and Aretha,   © Floss Gloss Ltd 

All the Fixin's Collection: Biscuits. Lookbook by Janine and Aretha,  © Floss Gloss Ltd 

Are there any particular steps in your creative process that you enjoy most? 

Aretha: Definitely; trying the color for the first time is always great and especially straight from manufacturing all ready for sale is fun.  Photo shoots and Janine and I color name brainstorming sessions are THE best!

Janine: The build up to a new collection launch.  I love Floss Gloss photo shoots more than anything.  The ultimate day of creative indulgence and finally realizing this vision that you've been working on for months.  

If you weren't doing this, what do you think you'd be doing? What would you want to do? 

Aretha: I think I'd be still waiting tables in some hell hole but I'd really wanna be obvi a rockstar or rapstar, i mean your asking haha!

Janine: Can't be sure but probably bartending.  Maybe at a label designing.  I'd want to be doing Floss Gloss.

What is your work soundtrack?

Aretha: Rap, rock, with an emphasis on Seals & Croft summer breeze, master p, pentagram, mariah carey,heart, three six mafia, zz top, Swishahouse, mac dre, Janine and I always on top of that and are all over the map....within reason.

Janine: A variety of Rap, Soul, Rock, Girl Groups, Johnny Cash, its an eclectic space.

Can you tell us about your work space? What is your ideal work environment? 

Aretha: Standing desks, ventilation, oooh a stationary bike!

Janine: Currently in my apartment in our 'second bedroom' a.k.a. the Floss Gloss Office.  Ideal workspace ~ stationary bikes, or standing walking desks, Facebook cafeteria- def! 

Anything you'd like to add? 

Janine: You only live once!