New Arrivals

New Arrivals!

We've been receiving some many new and exciting things recently - including some brand new lines and some new summer ready styles from our long time faves. 

If you've been in the shop recently you'll have noticed that we've started to carry some crystals and minerals. We're still expanding our selection but this week we got in two of Amelia's favorite mineral combinations - bladed barite with cerussite or vanadinite. There's just something about that mix of textures and shine that we can't get enough of! These both have some really lovely metaphysical properties too, check them out below for more details. 

Fire & Bone is a new jewelry line for the shop that combines nature and high tech science to create truly incredible, wearable pieces. Starting with real skulls, they create a digital version of the skull through 3D scanning and shrink it down to pendant size. Using 3D printing they create a perfectly rendered wax model that can then be cast into metal with traditional lost wax casting. In the end you get a highly detailed, tiny skull in warm, yellow bronze or silvery, white bronze ready to be worn by you! Check out the full selection here!

The summer heat is in full swing and we've got the goods to keep you cool, comfy, and cute, of course. Niki Biki bralettes are perfect for layering or even wearing on their own (fully opaque.) Here are a couple of our newest styles:

And finally, sundresses! As vitamin D deprived Portlanders, when the sun comes out we are ready to soak it up! (But don't worry, when the clouds come back just throw a little cardigan on and these dresses will follow you right into the next season!)

New Arrivals

New Arrivals!

This round of new arrivals was all about sparkles and gems! We welcomed a new line, Mineral and Matter, to the shop and you're going to love their work! They make the most beautiful rings with moons, opals, and more - and even a crystal shaped tray to keep them in! Here's just a few of them, click here to see them all. 

New from the makers of the hidden crystal candles, Jax Kelly, is a collection of candles inspired by desert flora. Cactus lovers these are for you! They've also introduced a couple new crystals that we're very excited about!

We also restocked the popular Druzy Standing Dishes - now in new patinas and sizes!

 A couple new, spring ready items from Curator are coming soon! Sneak peek:

The Chelsea Blouse

The Chelsea Blouse

The Etta Dress

The Etta Dress

New Arrivals

New Arrivals!

Lots of new jewelry and fall clothing has been arriving everyday! Here's a peek at just a few:

Ten 2 Midnight Studios, locally made by Liane Crigler, is rich with raw crystals, polished gemstones, hand applied textures, and a range of sizes from statement to minimal. We've got even more in-store than online. (Hoping to get more products put up soon!)

We've got new dresses and tunics in from Hubris Apparel - all sizes XS - XX! The Phoebe is one of her classic, most flattering designs and we love this cheerful rose print! 

From our house line we've brought back the popular Snuggle Cocoon Sweater pattern and made it in a soft, cozy evergreen and black melange. We've also debuted a new wardrobe staple - the black pencil skirt. Soft, opaque black jersey with enough weight to wear year round. 

Jax Kelly has expanded their earring selection and we've got some new additions that are just the best! Now offering a silver version of their gold dipped gemstone studs, several new turquoise designs, and the gleaming pink mussel shell studs that we know you'll never want to take off. We're also fully restocked on their crystal candles in 4oz and 9oz - just in time for gift giving season. The new Moonstone Candle with a fresh floral scent is our in-shop favorite. 

New Arrivals

Debut of Amelia Jewelry!

I'm so happy to introduce my new house-made line of jewelry! Heavy on the crystals, gems, and minerals with a dose of geometry and natural elements. 

This line also reflects my natural tendency to collect. As a life long collector I've always got a pocket or small tin on hand to stash the perfect shell, the best dried fern, or a really nice stone. Each piece is one of a kind and crafted by hand. Many incorporate organic objects sealed in copper. 

We'll hopefully get a few onto the web store soon, but as always get in touch if you see something you want that's not up yet!



Barrow Jewelry Spring Release Party!

Join us this Saturday for the release of local jewelry line Barrow's Spring Collection.  These ladies always bring new inspiration, shapes, and color to their work. I've seen a sneak peek and you're going to want to be there!

April 30th Saturday | 4:00 -7:00pm | Amelia 2230 NE Alberta St

New Arrivals

New Arrivals!

New dresses, leggings, bralettes, and restocks on Wolf Child tees and Moo Young bangles!

From Us to You

How to Care for Your Jewelry:

Sometimes it can be hard to know how to care for your jewelry. Here are some tips to keep your jewels looking their best. 

Number one: Put your jewelry on last. Spritzes, sprays, and lotions can cause discoloration, dulling, and splotchy tarnishing.  Hair sprays and perfumes may not seem like a problem, but over time they can damage the finish. Moisturize, fix your 'do, and get your fragrance on before you open that jewelry box. 

Number two: Keep it dry. We're talking no showers, hot tubs, working out, or steamy bathrooms (even storing your jewelry there is a no-no). Keep a ring holder or dish next to the sink and stow your rings while you wash your hands. This will also help cut down on the dreaded green marks that some jewelry may leave behind. (More on that later!)



Number four: Clean it up! A little polishing can bring your jewelry back to its original shine, but different metals need different care, let's break it down. 

Brass:  Angela from Knuckle Kiss is our go to expert on brass. Here's her tips on caring for the 

"All raw, un-plated brass will develop a surface patina (a.k.a. oxidation) over time. Some wearers love the aged, vintage look of oxidized brass, but restoring the jewelry to its original finish is easy. Cleaning solutions using common household ingredients are recommended for heavier cleaning. Here are some favorite methods:

  • Gently scrub your piece with one of the solutions below. Use your fingers, a soft cloth, or a soft-bristle toothbrush.
    • Lemon juice or vinegar + baking soda
    • Toothpaste
    • Ketchup
  • Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes before rinsing and patting dry. For heavily tarnished pieces, you may need several cleaning sessions to fully remove the oxidation. 

Commercial cleaners might work fine on your piece, but we don’t use them in the shop and cannot be responsible for damages your jewelry might incur. Be especially wary of commercial cleaners if your piece contains stones, oxidation, enamel, plating, or mixed metals." 


Silver is a very soft metal so be sure to use a soft, preferably cotton cloth when polishing. A plain cotton cloth or one pre-treated with cleaner such as Sunshine Cloths will work. Rubbing with gentle pressure will remove most of the oxidation, but feel free to really get into the grooves if you want to it to really shine. 

As with all metals, avoid commercial cleaning dips because they can actually cause pits in the surface of the metal which will then darken and tarnish even faster. 


Gold doesn't tarnish, so what you're probably seeing is dirt, makeup residue, and the evidence of a much loved piece.  The gentlest, cleaning solution to use is simple dish washing liquid. Soak your jewelry in a little dish soap and warm water for about five minutes. Fish it out and give it a little scrub with tooth brush, focusing on texture or nooks and crannies. Rinse under running water and gently dry with a cotton cloth. 

Vintage and Costume Jewelry: 

Not sure the metal type? Base metal? A mix of gems, glass, or unknown materials? First try a dry cleaning. Brush the piece with a toothbrush to remove grime, wiping with a soft cotton cloth to remove the debris. If you've got canned air it can be used to blast off the loose dirt from small spaces or under the stone settings. 

Need a deeper clean? Mix a weak solution of gentle soap and water. Soak the piece for a few minutes, give it a little scrub with a toothbrush and quickly rinse. Repeat if necessary. Be sure to fully dry the jewelry afterwards. 

Storage:  In general your best move is to store jewelry in a box or case that limits contact with oxygen. Jewelry boxes aren't just for show as it turns out! There are loads of adorable jewelry boxes to be had in the world. Check out antique shops for stylish cedar boxes, velvet lined mini-chests, or re-purpose an old medicine cabinet with tiny hooks and shelves to keep your jewels safe and cared for. 

From Us to You

That Loving Feeling: Valentines is upon us!

Every year Valentine's Day sneaks up on me. Based on the other last minute Feb. 13 (and even the morning of Feb. 14) shoppers, I'm in good company.  Need some inspiration this year? Trying to avoid buying chocolate at Walgreens at midnight this Friday? Let me help you: 

Click through to shop. 

Click through to shop. 

We've got a range of gifts that fulfill your need for sparkle, good smells, and a decadent massage., including more than are pictured here.  

Imaginary Authors is one of my favorite perfume lines and Memoirs of a Trespasser is a new take on vanilla that is sure to please. 

Taking care of that sparkle fix? These Czech Crystal Earrings have a vintage charm with your choice of color. Cat lover? Boom - a cat pendant crowned with a gemstone! Minimal modernist in your life? Psyche's Emerald Stud or Cradle's Leda Studs are perfect.

Massage? Vigorous testers that we are, we've chosen our favorites for massage and daily moisturizing. Double duty! Whipped Cream, Cocoa Skin Cream, Body Oils, and Sunshine Cream. You can't go wrong.

Looking to slip into something more comfortable? May we humbly suggest something slinky and black?

Click through to see these products

Click through to see these products

Lingerie that feels as good to wear as it does to look at. Ava Slip, Erin Slip, Klara Mesh Dress, Vera Kimono Shrug

Happy Valentines Day lovers!

Designer Spotlight

Designer Spotlight: ERS Creative

Here at Amelia we only carry well made products made in the U.S. We carefully select the designers and products for our curated collection; researching and getting to know the brands we carry is an integral part of our process. In our new series, Designer Spotlight, we'd like to share with you a little more about the designers behind the beautiful products in our store. 

For our first Designer Spotlight we'd like to introduce ERS Creative, the whimsical, handcrafted jewelry line from the heart and hands of Eilen R. Stewart. 

Born in a small town outside of Moscow, Russia, and raised in Santa Monica, California, Eilen draws her inspiration from her roots and environment. 

Each ERS Creative piece is carefully designed and handcrafted using the highest quality materials and supplies including bronze, sterling silver, and gem stones. Each piece gets the individual attention that only a true craftsman can guarantee.

Eilen is currently living in Los Angeles, surrounded with her most important inspiration: the bustle of the metropolitan city, the natural beauty of her small garden and the childhood mementos of whimsical critters that adorn her studio.

We asked her a few questions to better get to know her, her inspiration, and her process. 

How did you come to be a designer/maker? 

I have always had 'itchy hands' I have to put them to good use, or they'll put themselves to a destructive one. So I have always been 'crafty' and as I grew up I became 'artsy'. I went to school for Ceramics, but fell in love with metal as well. As I struggled to find my place in the world, I found people really responded to jewelry I made, and it made me feel wonderful! One day my husband looked at me frantically searching for a new 'real' job and said: 'I don't understand: You're going to make this stuff anyway, why don't you just do it for a living?' And that was it! ERS Creative was born.


Where do you find inspiration? Do you have a method or process of finding inspiration?

I love beautiful things. It's so cliche, but I do!! I love how pretty the trees in the fall are and how fluffy foxes and bunnies are. I love how funny pugs are and how serious wolves are. I love the Renaissance and I love the Baroque even more. And the more I see these things, the more I have to surround myself with this beauty. If I can't live as an enchanted fairy princess in a gorgeous castle in the woods where the squirrels sing with me, then I'll at least make a small portion of it in my studio!

What's your favorite thing you've created so far?

I'm super excited about the new Snail!!! It was a total fluke of a piece, I just always made these spiral shells as demo pieces in the few classes I still teach and everyone loves them. And then it hit me, I make a body and it's a full snail, not just a dead shell!! He's also one of the only ones (besides the bees) that has a full body, so he's extra special.

Do you have any plans for where your line is going in the future? Any special projects in the works?

I wish I had that sort of foresight, that way maybe I wouldn't panic every other day about the viability of this endeavor... But I also think it's the not knowing that keeps me on my toes and keeps me limber as a designer. I'm never fully sure, never truly done with something, always, always trying something new.

What are your other passions or projects in life?

I love to garden, love my dogs (chihuahuas named Denzel Washington and Niles Crane), love going to museums and of course love my husband who patiently supports the insanity of running your own small business.

Are there any particular steps in your creative process that you enjoy most? 

I looooove to experiment. As a child of two scientists, nothing thrills me more than setting up an experiment, will it work, will it blow up in my face, will it fall apart? Every time I cast a tree full of work, I include something I haven't tried before to see if it 'works.'

If you weren't doing this, what do you think you'd be doing? What would you want to do? 

This. This is what I would be doing. I've had a desk job before and I came home every night and still 'made stuff.' Even now, I can spend 10 hours at the studio cleaning, grinding, sawing, literally working my hands to blood and blisters, and I'll come home, put on a bunch of band aids and pick up my knitting or some other craft, while I watch TV and 'decompress.'

What is your work soundtrack?

I accidentally found a station on Pandora that plays what I can only describe as 'instrumental rock,' right now 2Cellos is on with a cover of the 1984 song (not sure the actual name...) and I'm in heaven!

Can you tell us about your work space? What is your ideal work environment? 

After working in my kitchen, my garage, my friend's extra bedroom and many other inappropriate spaces, I now work in an amazing turn of the century building in the heart of Down Town LA Jewelry District. I have the view of the whole downtown from my window, I can walk to any supplier I need and despite being on the 10th floor, hummingbirds come to the geraniums that are on my window sill. I can't really wish for anything better! Except a pet fox and maybe AC once in a while...