New Arrivals

Debut of Amelia Jewelry!

I'm so happy to introduce my new house-made line of jewelry! Heavy on the crystals, gems, and minerals with a dose of geometry and natural elements. 

This line also reflects my natural tendency to collect. As a life long collector I've always got a pocket or small tin on hand to stash the perfect shell, the best dried fern, or a really nice stone. Each piece is one of a kind and crafted by hand. Many incorporate organic objects sealed in copper. 

We'll hopefully get a few onto the web store soon, but as always get in touch if you see something you want that's not up yet!


From Us to You

Tailoring. It's good for you.

New customers are often surprised to hear that tailoring is included with all the clothing in the shop. From the day we opened our doors we've offered tailoring at no extra charge and it's something we continue to stand behind. 

We're fortunate to work with some very talented designers who focus on designing their clothing to fit a variety of bodies. Finding a dress that fits you right off the hanger is great! But I'm sure we've all had that dressing room bum-out of feeling like our body is wrong for everything we've tried on. That's where tailoring comes in. With just a few pins and measurements we can make an almost-good dress into the dress that you want to wear everyday. 

In this case, the bust fit well but the waist and skirt needed to be taken in. We took off between a half and a full inch and voila! Looking good!