From Us to You

From us to you: the Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner. Need some inspiration? Here's our picks for some of the sweeties on your list: 

The Stocking Stuffer / Quick Pick:

We've pre-selected some of the best color duos from non-toxic nail polish lines Floss Gloss ($15), Mint ($22), and Portland's own Palate Polish ($18). From poinsettia red and mistletoe green to a demure set of complimentary neutrals, we've got you covered. 

The Polish Duos are currently only in-store, but we can hook you up over the phone!

The Polish Duos are currently only in-store, but we can hook you up over the phone!

Hostess Gift a.k.a. I need a gift right now because I didn't plan ahead!

We've all had a moment where you forgot you needed a little gift, and now you're late and all the stores are closed. My go-to for this? Meow Meow Tweet soaps ($10). The colorful packaging doesn't require wrapping, everybody uses soap, and its small and easily stored. Stock up on a few and you'll thank yourself later.

That friend/coworker/roommate who is always stressing:

Around the holidays its really easy to let stress get the better of you. These quick treats are major stress fighters, and affordable at just $10 a pop.

Soothing bath salts in three delicious scents: Grapefruit Bergamot, Litsea Ginger, and Rosewood Blood Orange. 

An herbal eye mask that can be used hot or cold, wet or dry. Made from wild crafted herbs of the Northwest.  

Your best ladies!

These sweet, one of a kind, Tough Ruffles pouches ($30) make excellent clutches or wallets. Made from vintage fabrics with durable stitching and reinforcement, these are sure to become an everyday fave for your favorite lady!

Your Special Guy:

While we're generally a pretty lady-centric boutique, we do stock some unisex (or more masculine) goods. Here are a couple that make great gifts for that special dude in your life. 

Imaginary Author's Cobra and The Canary perfume is a hot and hazey leathery fragrance with notes of lemon and tobacco flowers. (30ml $55, 60ml $85)

Deodorant might not seem like the sexiest gift, but a natural deodorant that actually works? And doesn't smell like flowers? That's the gift that keeps on giving! Meow Meow Tweet Tea Tree Deodorant ($13)

Even rugged man's lips need some TLC from time to time. Stewart & Claire are known for their quality balms and this cocktail inspired lip balm is yet another example of their mastery. Old Fashioned is a clear, moisturizing balm with just a touch of scent. ($6) 

Your Special Lady:

Treat the special lady in your life to a pampered evening all about her. A slip is a practical gift (wearing slips makes all your dresses look better) but it also feels luxurious to lounge around in something sleek, black, and lacey! The Erin Slip ($74, in store) by local designer Sarah Bibb has slim, adjustable straps and more defined cups, while the Ava Slip ($65) has more lace and a slimmer fit. 

Some other good choices for that pampered, at-home spa vibe are the Herbal Eye Mask we mentioned above (everyone loves these!), fragrant bath salts for a relaxing soak ($10-24), a scented candle to rest by the tub (here we chose Meow Meow Tweet's Rose Patchouli soy candle, $26),  and some colorful treats for her digits. Taking time out to relax and do something little for yourself like painting your nails can be a great way to carve out some "me time." Shown here are two new faves from local Palate Polish in Gold Gumdrop and Radicchio ($10 each). 

Looking for something even more unique? We like to fancy ourselves as purveyors of the most eclectic jewelry around. Here are our most coveted, swoon worthy picks:

The Key to the Unknown Necklace ($150) This eye catching pendant is somehow both feminine and tough at the same time, perhaps just like someone you know! The hand carved crystalline spear-like key has been cast in white bronze and set with a trillium cut smoky quartz stone. 

Give her the golden earrings of her dreams; the Tribe Earrings ($175) are set with brilliant green emeralds and are inspired by the  art and culture of the San Bushmen in South Africa. 

The Kyanite Visions Necklace ($180) This hand cast rhodium "basket" holds a small forest of rough kyanite spears. Rhodium is a rare precious metal akin to platinum and has a delightfully dark, gun metal finish. This necklace is unlike anything else in her jewelry box, a modern, sculptural heirloom. 


Remember that for delivery by Christmas that orders should be placed by Dec. 17th!