Portland Shopping Tour comes to Amelia!

Get ready to be wined, dined, and chauffeured to five of Portland's best local boutiques!

Tamara Young, local business owner and personal stylist, will guide you through five of her favorite Portland independent boutiques. Meet the owner/designers and spend a day with your friends exploring and being pampered!

Saturday June 24
10am - 5pm

Coffee and pastries from Posies Cafe to kick the tour off
Catered lunch & wine at The Society Hotel
Visit: Consign Couture, Folly, Amelia, What's Upstairs, Altar
Swag bags, special discounts, and more!

Get your tickets here! Use promo code: SHOPLOCAL to get $15 off!

Tamara of Portland Shopping Tours and Consign Couture will be your guide during the trip!

Tamara of Portland Shopping Tours and Consign Couture will be your guide during the trip!


Collection: Local Designers x NW Dance Project

Join NW Dance Project and nine of Portland’s hottest fashion designers (including Amelia!) as we transform a summer evening into one spectacular party.

Sept 10, 2016
5:30 PM
Hotel Modera 

Each designer will create two looks for the NW Dance Project dancers who will perform against the elegant and exquisite backdrop of the Hotel Modera Living Wall.  I'm so happy to be part of this project and to be showing alongside such talented artists! Come see a truly unique collaboration of fashion and dance!

Featured Designers
Michelle Lesniak
Altar Housline
Sonia Kasparian
Hovden Formal Farm Ware
Tellurian Fieldwear
Piper Dalton
Rogue Minx
Sarah Bibb for Folly
West Daily

Music by DJ Gregarious

Learn more here:



New Arrivals

Debut of Amelia Jewelry!

I'm so happy to introduce my new house-made line of jewelry! Heavy on the crystals, gems, and minerals with a dose of geometry and natural elements. 

This line also reflects my natural tendency to collect. As a life long collector I've always got a pocket or small tin on hand to stash the perfect shell, the best dried fern, or a really nice stone. Each piece is one of a kind and crafted by hand. Many incorporate organic objects sealed in copper. 

We'll hopefully get a few onto the web store soon, but as always get in touch if you see something you want that's not up yet!



Feature in Portland Monthly!

Portland Monthly featured a piece on some of the city's designers of plus size fashion  - that sentence already makes us happy, but it gets better! We were chosen as one of those designers alongside some of favorite local brands!

Here are some images from the print edition, but you can click through to read it online!

Meet Four Portland Designers Blazing the Trail of Plus Size Fashion


The Business Behind the Boutique

If you've ever wondered what goes into running a boutique and designing clothing, now's your chance to learn more

Let’s Get Radical

Tuesday at 8 AM Pacific

July 05, 2016: Building a Dress Boutique: An Interview with Amelia Blakeman

What's it take to open your own dress shop, especially in a popular arts district? In this episode, we talk with Amelia Blakeman, owner of Amelia, in Portland, Oregon. We'll talk to Amelia about how she made the leap from designing and selling on the side to opening her brick and mortar shop, how she decides on the other designers she works with, and how she balances dress-making with managing a boutique.


Barrow Jewelry Spring Release Party!

Join us this Saturday for the release of local jewelry line Barrow's Spring Collection.  These ladies always bring new inspiration, shapes, and color to their work. I've seen a sneak peek and you're going to want to be there!

April 30th Saturday | 4:00 -7:00pm | Amelia 2230 NE Alberta St

From Us to You

Tailoring. It's good for you.

New customers are often surprised to hear that tailoring is included with all the clothing in the shop. From the day we opened our doors we've offered tailoring at no extra charge and it's something we continue to stand behind. 

We're fortunate to work with some very talented designers who focus on designing their clothing to fit a variety of bodies. Finding a dress that fits you right off the hanger is great! But I'm sure we've all had that dressing room bum-out of feeling like our body is wrong for everything we've tried on. That's where tailoring comes in. With just a few pins and measurements we can make an almost-good dress into the dress that you want to wear everyday. 

In this case, the bust fit well but the waist and skirt needed to be taken in. We took off between a half and a full inch and voila! Looking good! 


New Arrivals

New Arrivals!

This week was a doozy for new arrivals, including two new lines we're so pleased to have join us, here's a peek! See something you want? Give us a call or email and we can make it happen!

Barrow on the left, Hubris on the right. 

New styles from local porcelain jewelers Barrow: studs, delicate necklaces, and a couple big statement pieces. Studs start at $40 and necklaces run $55 to $85. 

Hubris Apparel has been bringing us gorgeous and curve flattering dresses since we opened. This season is no exception! The Timo Dress has a reversible neckline for a bateau or a scoop neck, stretchy curved waist band, pockets, and a modern nearly abstract feather print. It pairs exceptionally well with my new favorite Barrow necklace if I do say so myself. ($144, sizes XS - 3X)

On the right the classic Phoebe is back in an all over close-up chrysanthemum print. The twist neckline is ultra flattering but not too revealing. ($152, sizes XS-3X)

The Geode Dress by Hubris Apparel

The Geode Dress has a clean silhouette and princess seams to hug your curves before swinging into a full, swishy skirt that feels so good to wear. ($144, sizes XS- 3X)

Forest & Fields herbaceous sprays are too good not to see in person. 

Wild crafted herbs, organic essential oils, crystal infused moonshine - have I got your attention?

We're pleased to be the first Portland shop to carry Oakland based apothecary line Forest & Fields.  You'll now find their Night Vision Dream Spray, Clear the Air Smudge Spray, and traditional smudge sticks in the shop. The Night Vision Dream Spray worked even on the skeptical sleeper I tested it on and I am definitely a convert. Clear the Air is the perfect solution for purifying and cleansing a space without burning or smoke. I can't wait to see more from Forest & Fields. You're going to love them!

Photo: JaxKelly

JaxKelly candles each contain a crystal - lapis (wisdom), amethyst (spiritual growth and healing), obsidian (negativity blocker),  sea opal (meditation), citrine (success), tiger's eye (power), rose quartz (love), and blue lace agate (serenity). Let the scent surround you as it burns and afterwards keep your stone to keep the energy going. At just $12 a pop these make fantastic gifts and a great treat for yourself. 

Designer Spotlight

Designer Spotlight: Amelia

While most of you probably have something of an idea about our house line Amelia and the namesake shop owner, we decided to go ahead and interview our own in-house designer Amelia Blakeman. 

AmeliaStudio (2).JPG

How did you come to be a designer/maker? 

I've always made things, even as a kid I was making tiny creatures out of oven bake clay, trying to weave together pine needles to make the best roof for my miniature lean-to, and sewing rudimentary people shaped stuffed animals with my Grandma.

My first consistent foray into apparel started when I was 17. I learned to screen print at a workshop during this feminist festival in Denver, where I grew up, and then I wanted to print on everything. The number of shirts and bags and dresses I put anatomical hearts and obscure sea life on is kind of mind boggling. I kept on with the printing for a handful of years and eventually started selling my work at craft shows like the original Crafty Wonderland back at the Doug Fir. 

As you do, I got older and my style changed and suddenly I didn't really wear t-shirts anymore and I wanted to make clothing I would actually wear. Thus began the era of dress making. 

Where do you find inspiration? Do you have a method or process of finding inspiration?

I find inspiration in all kinds of random places: movie wardrobes, an intriguing part of some thrifted clothing, or even just a need I see in my own wardrobe. Often times I'll end up just sketching a thousand different ideas and seeing how they evolve.  

Sometimes I like to design without the shop in mind. Its wonderful to refresh my creativity by creating something based on non-clothing subjects like a good mineral specimen, a perfume I'm really attracted to, or an interesting animal. 

What's your favorite thing you've created so far? 

This is a hard question! I'm currently really into the dramatic caftans I've been making and am just finishing up a new type of wrap dress that I think is going to be awesome. The Starlet dress was one of my first dresses and it's remained a classic that I turn to again and again. 

Coco Madrid in the Some Velvet Morning Caftan - coming soon in 2016

Hailey in the original Starlet Sparkler dress. 

Hailey in the original Starlet Sparkler dress. 

Do you have any plans for where your line is going in the future? Any special projects in the works?

In the future I hope my line continues to grow and develop organically the way it has been. I'd love to get my work out into other stores in the world again, but for now I'm more than content with my own little corner of the empire over here on Alberta. 

What are your other passions or projects in life?

I'm really into my pets (as anybody who has Instagram or has met me will know). I get so much joy from hanging out with them. I enjoy reading a lot, doing creative projects with friends (oh, you're turning your house into a swamp for Halloween? I'll make some paper mache monsters,) and trying out new projects. My most recent experiments have been small clay sculptures, biscuit quilting, and aquarium gardening. 

 Is there anything you'd like to add? 

I am so grateful that I'm able to be doing this. It's thanks to all of our wonderful customers, supportive friends, family, and my great team! I hope to be able to keep making dresses and getting them onto people's bodies for years and years to come. 

Amelia and Bambi headed to work.

Amelia and Bambi headed to work.

Designer Spotlight

Designer Spotlight: Floss Gloss

Today's Designer Spotlight is on the masterminds behind Floss Gloss Pro Nail Lacquer. Aretha Sack and Janine Lee founded Floss Gloss (for nails that flossed and glossed like a boss!) in 2009. You've undoubtedly seen their eye catching colors on digits around town, but let's learn more about the lady bosses behind the polish. 

Photo by Jenny Hannah Roche

Photo by Jenny Hannah Roche

How did you come to be a designer/maker? 

Aretha: I came out making things.

Janine:  I always wanted to create.  And change or alter things- make it better- be better.

Janine and Aretha,   © Floss Gloss Ltd 

Janine and Aretha,  © Floss Gloss Ltd 

Where do you find inspiration? Do you have a method or process of finding inspiration?

Aretha: Good times, bad times, music a lot.  No method it sure would be nice if I did.

Janine: I find inspiration in pop culture, history, music, art, photographs, like everything basically.  As far as sourcing or my method: lots of music and the internet is just a mecca of imagery.

What's your favorite thing you've created so far? 

Aretha: Floss Gloss!  And within that I'd say Pony and Blood Suede and Tears colors and their photoshoots.

Janine: #1 Floss Gloss Ltd! Ultimate job and creative outlet!

Blood, Suede, and Tears Look Book by Janine and Aretha,   © Floss Gloss Ltd   

Blood, Suede, and Tears Look Book by Janine and Aretha,  © Floss Gloss Ltd  

Do you have any plans for where your line is going in the future? Any special projects in the works?

Aretha: Tons of projects in the works I'm really excited about, we definitely plan to expand our color range and maybe some other surprises!

Janine: OMG! Tons of new stuff in the works for 2015 - very exciting.  We have some amazing collabs coming up. 

What are your other passions or projects in life?

Aretha: All i really care about is music, swimming and color.  I have a thing for rap and a crappy soundcloud but I'm not serious about that.  Had a girlband with Erika Osterhaut back when I lived in Oakland but I moved and no longer have access to free drums so that fell apart.

Janine: I love to cook!  Especially bake- cakes, cookies and pies.  Life projects include so many things.  I literally want to do everything while I'm alive.

All the Fixin's Collection: Biscuits. Lookbook by Janine and Aretha,   © Floss Gloss Ltd 

All the Fixin's Collection: Biscuits. Lookbook by Janine and Aretha,  © Floss Gloss Ltd 

Are there any particular steps in your creative process that you enjoy most? 

Aretha: Definitely; trying the color for the first time is always great and especially straight from manufacturing all ready for sale is fun.  Photo shoots and Janine and I color name brainstorming sessions are THE best!

Janine: The build up to a new collection launch.  I love Floss Gloss photo shoots more than anything.  The ultimate day of creative indulgence and finally realizing this vision that you've been working on for months.  

If you weren't doing this, what do you think you'd be doing? What would you want to do? 

Aretha: I think I'd be still waiting tables in some hell hole but I'd really wanna be obvi a rockstar or rapstar, i mean your asking haha!

Janine: Can't be sure but probably bartending.  Maybe at a label designing.  I'd want to be doing Floss Gloss.

What is your work soundtrack?

Aretha: Rap, rock, with an emphasis on Seals & Croft summer breeze, master p, pentagram, mariah carey,heart, three six mafia, zz top, Swishahouse, mac dre, Janine and I always on top of that and are all over the map....within reason.

Janine: A variety of Rap, Soul, Rock, Girl Groups, Johnny Cash, its an eclectic space.

Can you tell us about your work space? What is your ideal work environment? 

Aretha: Standing desks, ventilation, oooh a stationary bike!

Janine: Currently in my apartment in our 'second bedroom' a.k.a. the Floss Gloss Office.  Ideal workspace ~ stationary bikes, or standing walking desks, Facebook cafeteria- def! 

Anything you'd like to add? 

Janine: You only live once!