New Arrivals!

We got some excellent new arrivals this week!

Copper electroformed rings with gems and minerals from talented jeweler HawkHouse Designs. Electroforming is a process where copper molecules attach to the surface of the jewelry in an electrified copper solution. This means the copper forms around the stones, keeping them securely attached and adding gorgeous texture. 

Skinny stacking bracelets from Seattle designer Moo Young are back! Luscious colors of leather adorned with silver or gold curved accents. Light weight but definitely makes a style statement. 

Your favorite candles from local eco-friendly Munio Candela are the perfect antidote to the Portland drizzle. The wooden wicks burn with satisfying crackle and make any space feel more cozy and inviting. The 30oz triple wick candle has a burn time of 100 hours! Clocking at nearly the same size of these giant candles are the Xerographica air plants. You have to see these in person to really believe how big they are!