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That Loving Feeling: Valentines is upon us!

Every year Valentine's Day sneaks up on me. Based on the other last minute Feb. 13 (and even the morning of Feb. 14) shoppers, I'm in good company.  Need some inspiration this year? Trying to avoid buying chocolate at Walgreens at midnight this Friday? Let me help you: 

Click through to shop. 

Click through to shop. 

We've got a range of gifts that fulfill your need for sparkle, good smells, and a decadent massage., including more than are pictured here.  

Imaginary Authors is one of my favorite perfume lines and Memoirs of a Trespasser is a new take on vanilla that is sure to please. 

Taking care of that sparkle fix? These Czech Crystal Earrings have a vintage charm with your choice of color. Cat lover? Boom - a cat pendant crowned with a gemstone! Minimal modernist in your life? Psyche's Emerald Stud or Cradle's Leda Studs are perfect.

Massage? Vigorous testers that we are, we've chosen our favorites for massage and daily moisturizing. Double duty! Whipped Cream, Cocoa Skin Cream, Body Oils, and Sunshine Cream. You can't go wrong.

Looking to slip into something more comfortable? May we humbly suggest something slinky and black?

Click through to see these products

Click through to see these products

Lingerie that feels as good to wear as it does to look at. Ava Slip, Erin Slip, Klara Mesh Dress, Vera Kimono Shrug

Happy Valentines Day lovers!