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Laurel Leaf Hair Fork


Rows of laurel leaves to wear in your hair. In ancient Greece and Rome wreaths of laurel were awarded to victors and champions. The laurel tree was Apollo's scared tree and he wore a laurel crown on his head and decorated his lyre and bow with leaves.

This hair fork was originally hand carved in wax and cast in brass or white bronze, then hand-oxidized and finished.

It measures about 4 1/2" long from the highest point to the bottom. The laurel leaf portion measures about 3" across and about 1 3/8" high. The double stick portion that secures in your hair is 3 1/4" long from top to bottom.


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Almanac for June is handmade jewelry inspired by all things alchemical, astronomical, astrological, and mythical. Artist Jieun Reiner currently lives in Rhode Island and puts the best energy she can into each piece, paying special attention to the symbolism, history, and story.