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Black Crecopia Moth Enamel Pin


Cecropia moth enamel pin with little lunar details on it's wings in black enamel with metallic gold edges.

Cecropia moths are North America's largest native moth and part of the giant silk moth family.  They have wingspans of 5 to 7 inches and live only for about two weeks.

Black with gold metal edges in hard enamel and locking metal pin backs. Approximately 1.5" wide. 

Created by Mineral and Matter in collaboration with Hot Slice Designs. 

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Mineral and Matter is about bringing a bit of the traditional into our homes with a modern touch. The mix of a strong, masculine piece with a soft, feminine color palette adds beauty to an object that merits an extra glance. Handmade pieces are the ones that have more meaning, offer a feeling of connection, give pause for thought and reflect one-of-a-kind style.