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Artemis Hair Pin


A subtle crescent moon surrounded by a row of stars is pierced by an arrow. This hair pin is inspired by Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt. She was a strong and powerful woman, protector of young girls and of the pregnant, reliever of sickness in women.

This hair pin was originally hand carved in wax and cast in white bronze, then hand-oxidized and finished. The stick (arrow) measures about 4 3/4" long and the circular part is about 2 1/8" across. 

From the artist: "While this style of hair pin can usually double as a shawl pin, I would not recommend using this with a shawl unless you are very careful and it's a very loose knit, because of the shape of the arrow which is not a conventional straight stick. Use care when taking out of your hair, pulling the arrow out with the point forward."

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Almanac for June is handmade jewelry inspired by all things alchemical, astronomical, astrological, and mythical. Artist Jieun Reiner currently lives in Rhode Island and puts the best energy she can into each piece, paying special attention to the symbolism, history, and story.