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Ruby Ava Slip


"A good slip can change your life." Sarah Bibb, the designer. 

Why wear a slip? Let's break it down: 

1. Your dresses will fit better, hang smoothly, and won't cling or rumple as you move. 

2. Slightly sheer dress? Unless that's the way you want to rock it, a slip will fix that up.

3. As a sexy accent - maybe the lace shows a bit at the neckline or maybe it just adds a little spring to your step! 

Fabric: 100% nylon (exclusive of trim) Hand dyed in small batches. 

Care: wash cold, hang dry

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Additional Info

Portland designer Sarah Bibb has been making clothing for discerning Portlanders (and beyond) for over 10 years now. Her new collection of slips is the realization of a long time desire to make lingerie. Finding a good, and also beautiful, slip can be a challenge but now you don’t have to scour the vintage racks to get the perfect one!