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Quartz Cluster with Seed Pods Necklace


A Tibetan Black Spot Quartz cluster framed in copper with a fan of seed pods held in a hoop and suspended from a chain. 

The copper fully encases the organic materials and a very light patina has been applied to bring out the natural texture of the fern fronds. 

18 inch copper chain sealed with an anti-tarnish coating. 

Pendant measures 1.25 inches wide

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Amelia's houseline of jewelry and original druzy stands is heavy on the crystals, gems, and minerals with a dose of geometry and natural elements. As a life long collector Amelia always has a pocket or small tin on hand to stash the perfect shell, the best dried fern, or a really nice stone. Each piece of jewelry is one of a kind and crafted by hand. Many incorporate organic objects sealed in copper through a process called electroforming. This process is a combination of conductive metal, electricity, and time. Copper molecules slowly adhere to the chosen areas of an item and can fully encase it or form around it. This process combines science and art in way that perfectly reflects Amelia's view of the world.