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Oregon Sunstone Pendant


Magical Oregon sunstone held tight in a handmade sterling silver claw setting.

Oregon sunstone is is a fine quality feldspar gemstone found only one place on Earth- this stone features Schiller inclusions- shimmering flecks of pinky-orange copper trapped within that seem to radiate light (especially in the sun)

20" sterling silver chain, pendant measures approx. 1" x 1/2"

A warm and bright counterpart to mysterious Labradorite (another feldspar gem)

 Bring luck, harbor powers of the eyes and the mind, and offer protection from the evil eye

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Additional Info

Obelisk is about symbols real and imagined, shared and private. Her choice of stones, sterling settings, and use of shapes feels both modern, ancient, and a little arcane.

Wearable objects become personal talismans for the wearer. Each piece is created with quality craftsmanship, intended to be worn and treasured over time. 

Obelisk is dreamed, designed, and handmade by Marla Zyla in Portland, Oregon.