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Black Sheet Dress


This little number is Field Day's most flattering cut for many sizes and shapes. It sits high waisted and has elastic threading on the back to fit cute and comfortable.

It has brass buttons and an optional flip down or button up lapel gives you choice on just how much skin you would like to show. Durable pockets you could fit a small puppy in. Can be worn causally with boots or play dress-up with some high heels and magical jewelry.

Note: a couple are available with white stitching but black stitching is the standard. Please be aware which size/stitch color you are selecting. 

Machine wash cold. Tumble or line dry.

*Fits just a bit slim through the bust. 

Modeled photos courtesy of Field Day. 

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Black Button Up Sheet Dress with Pockets made by Field Day.
Black Button Up Sheet Dress with Pockets made by Field Day in classic black modeled by three women.