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Porcelain Creature Planters

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These porcelain planters have been lovingly hand crafted and are ready to be your new favorite room mate. Each is one of a kind and full of personality. 

Shortie with Cactus: Planter is 4 inches tall, 6 inches total including plant. 

Tall with Succulent: Planter is 6 inches tall, 11 inches including the plant.

If you would prefer to receive the planter without the plant just leave us a note with your order. 

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Sophisticated sculpture for the youthful spirit. Handmade, playful creations for your home and heart by Korin Noelle. Korin has been throwing and sculpting for over a decade, and is still in love with the feeling of creating things for others to enjoy. Korin lives, teaches, and crafts in Portland, Oregon at Radius Community Art Studio.