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Pagan Folklore Candle

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This Munio Candela Collection is based on Pagan-era folklore and the use of Latvian symbols tell stories that cannot be expressed in words. Each hand made clay pot candles has been stamped with a symbol.

Zvaigzne: The Star, protection from evil. Natural juniper scent. 

Laima: The Goddess of good destiny. Natural peppermint scent.

Saule: The Sun, the path to health and strength. Natural wild rose scent. 

These pots are hand made in Portland, Oregon by Mudshark Studios and no two are alike. The wooden wicks produce a beautiful flame with a soft crackling sound. 

Hand poured soy wax, wooden wick
7oz, pot measures 3 1/2" wide x 2 2/4" tall
Burn time 30h

Burning Instructions: 
When burning the candle for the first time, let it burn until the whole surface is liquid. This will prevent a tunnel from forming. Trim the wick if you experience soot. Burn only under supervision and keep out of draft and reach of children.

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Additional Info

Munio Candela was founded by Ieva Dexter and Elina Cima with the mission to capture the dream of a better life. Using only ecologically friendly ingredients like wildcrafted herbs and recyclable, glue-less and fastener-less unbleached packaging printed with vegetable-based inks., Munio makes unique, quality candles and home goods that are healthy for your indoor and outdoor environments. Through years of experimenting using innovative raw waxes, indigenous flora and eco-friendly packaging to achieve the perfect balance between style, function and ecology.